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My Horror Neighbor Skin Map For MCPE Mods
Người đăng ihnep11@gmail.com
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Website https://100best.app
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Download My Horror Neighbor Skin Map For MCPE Mods

Packed with a full Skins and Maps Mods and more to help those that are stuck.
you will be able to download the best skins and mods for your MCPE you how to set up the add on map for Neighbor horror
This map is very fun scary survival, horror, adventure and puzzles map. The concept is similar to hide and seek game that you have to enter your neighbor’s house and go to basement without getting caught by him. Be careful of your neighbor because he will try to kill you.
Map ¡Hola! Neighbor for mcpe update section is also included for information on previous versions released.

The game mechanics work really similar to the PC video game but there are a few differences which are unavoidable for now.
It works as following. You start out in your neighbor’s house and have to find a way out without being noticed by the neighbor.
Detection radius is very low compared to any other mob, meaning, he can only see you if you are very close
Your objective is to find key cards which are hidden all throughout the house in different storage containers. When you’ve got a keycard it can be used for accessing other parts of the house.
If he sees you then you should make a quick run for the closet. Once you are inside you will be invisible. Stay there until the neighbor has lost interest in you.

Download the mod and map with A click, click on the downloaded map in the Downloads folder on your SD card, and if you have Minecraft Pocket Edition installed the map will be automatically imported into the game.
Once imported, simply launch the game Minecraft PE, create new game and choose the ¡Hola! Neighbor map from your list of worlds.

You relase that your neighbor is accomplishing something exceptionally abnormal. You can even now hear the shouting sounds from your neighbor's home. Check if something isn't right with him and discover what he's doing.

- Maps, mods, addons, or texture packs automate installer
- 1one click install
- Instruction guide on how to play

This is a mod and map for Minecraft, requires Minecraft Pocket Edition to work.

This app don't use assests from the original game, just a fan content. This app requires the Minecraft PE game to play.
This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.
All rights reserved. more infos http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines .
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