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Route slide puzzle game
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Download Route slide puzzle game

Move blocks to create a path in this completely free intellectual puzzle game. With 20 difficulty levels and a total of 2,000 stages, you're free to challenge your mind as much as you want. * Outline * This is a completely free brain-training puzzle game that people of all ages can enjoy. Try to move the blocks so that you can clear each stage. There's no time limit, so you can enjoy the game in your free time at your own pace. * Rules * The blocks have pieces of a path drawn on them. To clear each stage, move the blocks to complete a path from the starting area to the goal. Additionally, each stage contains three stars. As you get used to the game, try to build your path so that you can gather all of the stars. * How to Play * To move a block, simply swipe up, down, left or right. * Hints * A hint button will be displayed on the game screen. There are no limits to how many times the hint button can be used, and using the hint button is always free. * Stages * The game includes 20 difficulty levels and a total of 2,000 stages. As you proceed through the levels and stages, the difficulty will also increase. In the beginning, stages can be cleared in very few movements. However, as you proceed through the levels and stages, you will also find stages that require dozens of block movements to complete. Always pay attention. * About Route * Route is an evolutionary step in the development of the sliding block puzzle genre, which people commonly associate with the standard 15-piece sliding puzzle and the "Dad Puzzle" that first appeared in the early 20th century. The well-known sliding block puzzle is a game that uses the concept of parity to foster mathematical thinking. It's said that mathematical thinking helps prevent senility, improves efficiency and has other benefits as well. Don't miss this opportunity to kill time by stimulating your mind with a completely free brain training game. You might just get addicted.
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