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Secret Folder Lock
Người đăng ihnep11@gmail.com
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Website https://100best.app
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Download Secret Folder Lock

The BEST and MOST convenient privacy app to protect your private photos in your Photo Vault & videos and secret notes & audios and other personal files! Photo Vault provides a secure Password System to keep your secret files 100% privately. Your files are ONLY stored in your Photo Vault and no one can touch them except yourself! PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY The password is needed to access private stuff Support Touch ID √ You can set a Pattern Lock access to protect your Photo Vault √ Decoy Password - When you are forced to enter the password of Photo Vault, decoy password will be helpful to cover your real privacy √ Folder password - Further protection to keep people out of your private folders in the Photo Vault √ Login Reports – The Photo & GPS Location will be snapped when someone wants to peep your Photo Vault FILE MANAGEMENT √ You can sort out files by date/type/size/name in Photo Vault √ The Photo Vault user can set up Multiple Folder&Subfolder for Better Organizing of Files √ You can Rename or Search Files quickly in Photo Vault Copy/Move Multiple Files in seconds √ Support Zip/Unzip Files within the Photo Vault √ High-efficiency Action Respond √ The user can find Multiple File Formats within Photo Vault - Image: tiff, tif, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, BMP, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm - Video: mov, mp4, mpv, m4v, 3gp - Audio: mp3, wav, aacf, aiff - Docs: doc, xls, ppt, txt, pdf, pages, numbers, key, rtf, etc FILE ADDING FILE SENDING √ Photo Vault provide Easy WiFi Transfer √ Fast iTunes Sync Convenient Bluetooth Transfer Use AirDrop to Transfer Photos & Videos √ Import/Export pics from Camera Roll √ A Camera was set up in Photo Vault. √ Add Note/Voice Memos within the Photo Vault. √ Send Files via Email √ Send Photos via MMS √ Send Files via Open In MEDIA SUPPORT √ Image Gallery & Image List √ The Photo Vault provide Slideshow √ Watch Video In Photo Vault The Photo Vault has Music Player Browse All Kinds of Files within The Photo Vault Download it now! You will definitely immediately deeply fall in love with this powerful Photo Vault!
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