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Giang Hồ Ngoại Truyện
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Mobile Game Giang Ho - Super RPG with martial arts theme from NPH Gamota. Recreate the time more than 10 years ago, Q-World - A popular product of NPH Cubinet, also known as the extremely cute name "Land of wonderland". Launched under the mobile version, Mobile Foreign Affairs Jiang Ho promises to revive this favorite gaming community again.

Although it has been a storm for a while, maybe few people know this MMORPG is actually developed by Perfect World based on a famous Chinese comedy film, temporarily translating "Martial Arts Story". Unlike other titles with today's fierce tight fighting style, Mobile Foreign Wanderer Lake gives players a rather gentle entertainment moment.
Context of the game was placed in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor Van Lich emperor was not long-standing, based on the tide of change, the authorities of the eunuchs and the power of Thanh Luu Minh struggled. The battle also affected the black-headed duality on Gypsy. The white-blooded staff in the martial arts school, inside, oppose the main and external eunuchs against the invaders.
Strike hard on the design in cartoon style but the characters still retain the features of the game of swordplay. Not only does it impress graphically, Giang Ho Ngoai Mobile is also highly regarded in a playful manner with a system of publicity that allows characters to "fly" with delight. has an extremely meticulous character refining system, not inferior to current PC products.
In addition, the gameplay in Jiang Ho Mobile Story focuses on improving the skills and reflexes of players - what is often seen in Perfect World products, not "stereotyping" in the way of launching skills like games. immersive on the current market. Therefore, this product is really a "blockbuster" worth waiting and exploding in the near future.

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

- 4 impressive sects: Thuong Hao, Sword of a Sword, a Master and a Wizard.
- Powerful diversity skills system, each faction has 3 skills building directions:
- Thuong Hao: Dieu Quan - Thich Than - Tu La;
- Earn Customers: Sword Saint - Ta Hoang - Thien Kiem;
- Medicine: Y Tien - God of Math - Minh Vuong;
- Dharma Master: Thien Su - Co Vuong - Ma Ton.
- Unique PK system:
- Free PK;
- Chien Truong Lien Server Fire;
- Match 6v6: Painting Ba Chien Lien Server, informing the Team Name to compete;
- Server connection 12vs12;
- Hunt the Boss Train monsters throughout the day.
- Various fashion and unique appearance:
- Rich mount system with many choices, players can ride a single, double ride or riding a custom team Animal Riding;
- Fashion is beautiful and free to choose the favorite stype, on the clothes to be silk;
- A lively, single expression beautiful;
- Contemplation Flower trenches, flying dance delight.
 - Community association:
- Bang Chien;
- State Skills;
- Bird's Day Party to celebrate together;
- Hunt Boss Bang - Dream of security.
- Freedom of communication:
- Trade is open;
- Non-locked items, diverse items;
- Free trading;
- Enrichment is not difficult.
- Marriage couple:
- Romantic Marriage;
- Kieu hoa walking on the street;
- Hy Yen Bai Duong;
- Together for the whole Life.
- Good friends all around Gypsy, master monks to raise the level of force.

★★★ SUPPORT ★★★
Home: https://www.giangho.gamota.com/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ghntmobile/
Assembly Hall: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ghntmobile/
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