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Fitness Shake Generator
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Download Fitness Shake Generator

The App allows you, to create an optimum supplement of your food. It doesn’t matter if it’s for mass increase, definition or just the healthy extra for the day.

Download the App now and you will soon realize how easy and tasty diet can be.

The advantages are obvious:

•  Compilation based on groceries which can be bought anywhere
•  Permanently updating and extending the online database
•  Easy compilation for your indivitual targets
•  Search & filters for ingredients, as well as for vitamins and minerals
•  All ingredients are suitable for mixing
•  Eat without eating
•  Increase without bloating
•  Tasty and healthy diet
•  Manage and save your own recipes
•  Filter for vegetarian or vegan groceries

Each athlete knows how important the right food is to increase muscles. You need the energy for your training sessions and a balanced diet to get healthy through your daily live. Our App is supporting you at the same time.

Successful mass increase by the right supplements

The importance of constantly distributing food supply over a day should be clear to anybody. Easier than having additional meals, is a constant distribution over the day of constant food supply by drinking. Our body needs especially in the construction phase, sufficient energy, protein, but also vitamin and minerals. Supplements in powder form are often used as it seems easier than cooking real groceries – but that is not how it has to be.

Light food for a hard day:

You want to eat light and healthy to avoid bloating or to do something wealthy for your body? With healthy shakes you will find the balance you wish for.

Why not drinking instead of eating?

We all have that picture in mind of an athlete, torturing himself with the same groceries all the time, such as fatless chicken or tuna. It’s so easy and unimpressive to have all the nutriments needed in a day. Prepare a shake in the morning and have a perfect food supplement for the whole day which is tasty and not noticed as a meal. It’s digestible and some unloved but good groceries disappear inside. No more inconvenient crumbs or greasy fingers. Furthermore, the bloating feeling noticed with some additional meal or snack disappears. Just try it!

We are looking forward to your feedback.
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