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HeavySet - Gym Workout Log
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Download HeavySet - Gym Workout Log

HeavySet is a gym log / workout tracker for weightlifting, bodybuilding and strength training. It has a simple interface which makes tracking workouts easy and efficient. HEAVYSET AT A GLANCE: ROUTINES: - Supersets / Giant sets - Preset rest timers per exercise - Rep ranges - Set ranges - AMRAP sets - Estimated duration - Intensity - RPE - Create based on previous workouts - Import plain text routines for rapid routine building - Export your routines as plain text and share with friends WORKOUT / GYM LOG: - Log using intelligent suggested values - Progress charts track volume, Estimated 1RM, Reps, Sets, Max Weight - Rest timer with presets and quick modifiers - Tempo timer metronome - Full exercise history with notes - Plate calculator - Auto-advancing exercises and super sets - Personal record notifications for rep records, estimated 1rm, volume & more - Deload intensity, volume or rest automatically - View workout preview - Automatically calculate weight using intensity and training max - Local notifications when timers end - View all current rep records for current exercise EXERCISES: - Easily add any exercise - Notes for exercises - Training max for weight calculation - Unilateral exercise option (doubles volume in stats) - Add a base weight / body weight - Track assisted exercises - Add exercises to volume groups PERSONAL RECORDS / STATISTICS: - Log of every rep record your have achieved - Filter record log by rep amount - Notifications during workout log - Workout / weekly progress stats DATA IMPORT / EXPORT: - Automatic iCloud backup - Export to CSV without upgrading - Import (possible) any CSV format SUPPORT: - In-app FAQs - Help videos - In-app chat with developer (not always real time) REAL USER REVIEWS: - “It’s the best app for seriously tracking training I’ve ever seen.” - “The auto population of weight and reps based on the previous set is a welcome feature” - “Exceptional simple and easy to use. Whilst being very powerful. Couldn't recommend it enough.” - “I would recommend any weightlifter to get this app.” - “I’ve tried out Strong, Fitbod, and Stacked. Heavyset is far better than all of them.” - “This one is the best! Practical, simple and you can focus on the workout itself instead of fussing about the app!” - “I would recommend this gym log to anyone.” - “HeavySet finally dethroned the old app as my workout tracker it has the perfect blend of ease of use in the gym and powerful analytical type features outside the gym.” - “I have been using it for over a year now and am extremely happy with it. I use it to log all of my workouts.” - “This is the best workout tracker on the market!” - “Been looking for workout tracker that gave me the ability to build a custom workout with specific features like sets based on percentages of a training max. This fit the bill perfectly and has a beautiful UI.” OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS: #1 BEST WORKOUT LOG APP (iOS) 2018 - Lifewire.com “When you ​open HeavySet you'll find most everything is made just to delight you. “Let's start with data entry. The buttons are just where they need to be and big enough not to miss even with shaking legs — or hands. What's more, you typically only have to tap once to log a set; HeavySet's smart predictions have already accomplished the, umm, heavy lifting.” IN-APP PURCHASE: HeavySet is a free download but you will need to make an in-app purchase upgrade to get access to unlimited use. As a non-paying user you are limited in the number of times you can perform the routines you input. Routines created by importing, duplicating or other automated methods are also not available. Non-paying users may improvise as many workouts as they like. The screenshots represent the app after the intermediate user level has been purchased. APPLE HEALTH: - Enable Apple Health to sync your body weight with your workouts for additional statistics as well as sharing your workout data with Apple Health.
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