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Roots Fundraising
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Website https://100best.app
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For Fundraisers -Tired of raising funds for your organization the old way? -Tired of printing flyers and promoting a one time event? -Tired of collecting checks from businesses? -Tired of sending the troops out to go collect funds? -Tired of always being short in funds and having to just pay the difference? For Businesses -Tired of having to do fundraiser nights? -Tired of having people come to your business asking for checks? -Tired of feeling like you are not getting much in return? -Tired of losing to online sales and services? -Tired of having to say no to small fundraising groups? -Need to increase your sales and customers? -Need a way to reach and support your local community? -Tired of paying upfront for marketing...hoping that it will work? For Users -Tired of making cash payments to your organization? -Tired of attending over crowded fundraising events? -Tired of selling things to your friends and family? The Answer is The Fundr!! Fundraisers Win! -fundraise 24/7/365. It raises money even when you are not -we bring you the community business support -the Fundr handles all the collections, disbursements and reporting -raise Funds by using the app when you spend. -easy to use -easy to promote Businesses Win! -no monthly fees...You only give-back when it works! -no hardware -no checkwriting -easy to use -secure -easy to control -you support the organizations you want to Users Win! -you raise by just using the app when you spend -support the businesses that support you -easy to use Our community helps grow our local businesses while our local businesses help grow our local community!! A total win!!! Try The Fundr today Here is how it works Step 1: Download the App Step 2: Register your Phone (1 time) Step 3: Find your fundraiser Step 4: Choose the business you want to visit Step 5: Scan to process Step 6: Business automatically gives back to your fundraiser Step 7: Share it to spread the word That's it...
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