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BroadLink SmartONE S1 Kit
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BroadLink SmartONE S1 Kit
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The story of the project

SmartONE is the perfect introduction to a smarter, more secure home - an inbuilt security system and the central brain of all your smart home products in one. Affordable and easy to set up, it allows you to monitor movement and intrusion, as well as program your home to get ready for your arrival at the end of the day. 

SmartONE ships with a central sensor - the brain of your kit - as well as components that allow you to customise various monitoring and smart home settings. Use the door sensor to tell you when a stranger has entered your house while you're out - or simply to automatically switch/turn the lights, speaker or heating system on as soon as you walk in the door. Set the motion detector to sense suspicious activity in your living room, or just to tell you when your dog is up on the kitchen counter (again). 

SmartONE is a system that learns from your routines, even offering you suggestions to better tailor your smart home schedule to your daily life. 

One kit, 4 devices

This cost-effective kit comes with 4 components: The SmartONE, a door sensor, a motion sensor (PIR) and a key fob remote. Connected with these smart sensors, SmartONE will push notifications to keep you informed on what's happening when you're not around - depending on what you've programmed it to monitor. SmartONE supports a maximum of 16 sensors, with plenty of room for you to DIY the perfect smart home system.

SmartONE (S1)

Designed as the brain of your smart home, when your environment condition changes, SmartONE receives the signal from sensors and triggers the functioning of other connected devices. It can be also used as an alarm center to alert if certain alarm events are triggered and push notification to your phone.

Motion Sensor (PIR)

The motion sensor detects movement within its coverage area and notifies you with the APP. It can be also configured to turn on/off the lights in the night when movement is detected, and even as a safety monitoring system for children and the elderly, with added data analysis in the app from the activities it senses.

Door Sensor

The door sensor detects when windows are opened or closed, and can be set to send notifications when this happens - or send signals to activate other smart devices.

Key Fob Remote

The key fob remote simplifies the control of your smart home, allowing your to "Fully-arm", "Partially-arm" and "Disarm" quickly, as well as call "SOS" in an emergency. 

How it works

One-button configuration and fast connection
Simply scan a barcode to add sensors
Monitor real-time states and check historical data at any time
Push notifications to keep you updated 

Intelligent Interaction

When you come home, you can set Auto Home mode to trigger, connecting to your smart-compatible lights, music player or even your heating system so your house is ready for you.

Currently the plug type of SmartONE is designed for Chinese market (Type I) and also can fit to Australian and New Zealand sockets (AS/NZS 3112). For customers using British (Type G / BS1363 UK), European (Type F / CEE 7/4) and American (NEMA 5) sockets, the package will come with a corresponding power adapter free of charge (e.g. German customers will receive package with a Chinese to European power adapter). Customers can also remark in the order the type of adapter from the above 3 options. We are sorry in this project the adapters are not available for customers using other types of socket. Your understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.

SmartONE enables the ultimate interconnection and interaction between different devices, with more devices currently being developed for near-future release.

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