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Arabic Voice Translator - Speak & Translate
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Download Arabic Voice Translator - Speak & Translate

Arabic Voice Translator is the best translator app for the people that are looking to translate Arabic text to any other language. It is a free Arabic voice translator in which you can convert speech to text using the mike. Arabic language translator app provides all the popular language for translation. You can learn Arabic through it, for example, you will speak the word or sentence in Arabic and it will convert Arabic to English without any tap required. Moreover, you can convert any language text to Arabic by speaking or typing.
Arabic Speak & Translate acts as an Arabic voice dictionary app through its speech translator function. The app requires the internet for its voice translator, speak to translate and language translator feature. Moreover, you can also hear text to speech in its audio form available. Arabic speak to translate offers recording translations or save translated text to the users. This is a very useful tool to view the history of translated text from the language translator in the Arabic Speak & translate. Using this app, you do not have to worry about the native language as an Arabic speaker, you just have to speak text and then get its meaning using the Arabic language translator.
Arabic Speak & Translate Features & Flow
Download the Arabic Speak & Translate app from the play store and allow all the permissions required by the voice translator.
Open the app and tap on the mike to speak & translate.
Choose the language you want to translate the text from the Arabic voice translator.
For saving, listening and sharing speech to text translation, tap on the drop button from the translated text from the Arabic voice translator
View saved speech to text voice translations from the “Saved” button on the upper bar of the Arabic Voice Translator app.
The saved feature is a great feature of the app where people can remind the text, they translated from the audio to text converter app. Apart from this, the language translator app allows you to type text to convert Arabic to English or any other language. This app will be a useful feature in the mobile phones for people working in the Arab and Gulf world to translate Arabic text or any other language to Arabic through the speech to text translation app.
We hope that you found it useful in your daily life.
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