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Clear Vision 4: Sniper Shooter
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Download Clear Vision 4: Sniper Shooter

Shoot jetpacks, pirates, and famous DJ’s. Get paid *stacks* of cash. Build a sniper death machine. Get addicted to the most innovative sniper game on the App store. (17+ ONLY) Violent, funny, entertaining, and rewarding. Play every mission for free. 90% of our players have never spent a dime. Pick between classic mob missions, secret spec ops, “Wanted” bounty hunting, and hostage situations. Stalk your prey through nightlife districts, loft apartments, peaceful suburban homes, and distant mountains. MORE THAN JUST “SHOOT A GUY IN THE HEAD” Innovative gameplay mechanics test your cleverness and wits. Eliminate targets with wrecking balls, barbecues, and without attracting attention... you said you were a professional, right? Alternate between classic sniper missions and close combat spec ops where you’ll break through windows, climb through vents, tactically breach doors. As you become infamous, you’ll move on from settling small time disputes to working for the biggest mafiosos in town. • You’ve never seen stick figures like these • Hilarious blood and gore Animations • Create your perfect rifles • 40+ Missions of dramatic sniper shooting challenges • Endless hours of intense FREE sniper action • The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)" , "Clear Vision 2" & "Clear Vision 3" Download in time for our next free content update.
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