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HTML Reader with Free HTML File Viewer
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Download HTML Reader with Free HTML File Viewer

Html Viewer is an android app in which we can easily open and view the html files. In html viewer once we open the file we can copy the data from the file and share it with our friends. Html Viewer app lets you to open html files from your phone and view file quickly.

Html reader and viewer has new algorithm that lets to display html files in extraordinary vision and you can copy your selected text from the html files and share that text with your friends and family. Html viewer has an amazing interface and very easy to use without any interruption.

Html Viewer has different useful features given below:

- View Html files.
- Copy text from html files.
- Share copied text from html files.
- Very easy to use.
- Simple interface.
- Scroll up and down.

Html viewer app load html files efficiently and gives you lots of feature even let you to copy text from the html files and also have an option to shared what you have found, so stop think and Download Html viewer and start view the html files. If you have any further query you can contact us and please don’t forget to give us a feedback.
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