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IMPORTANT NOTE: on iOS 6.1 game can crash if network connection is unavailable, this will be fixed soon! Take control over one of the powerful clans, fight against beasts and knights to create an impressive kingdom! Battles and Castles is turn-based strategy game based on such famous series as Heroes Of Might and Magic or Civilization. You will recruit knights, discover mines and treasures, build houses, stables, academies and fortifications to fulfill all the missions in campaign mode. All of this takes place in mysterious, fantasy medieval, complete 3D world. Features: - more than 20 different units including knights, archers, catapults, cannons, orcs and mages - about 20 different buildings and fortifications to make a powerful kingdom - 3 different technology levels - 2 campaign modes with 10 complex missions each - skirmish mode with AI players - multiplayer mode on one device - unique graphics and complete 3D world - game center support
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