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you can use this for translating your spoken words to another international language. it will help you to talk with foreigner who doesn't know or speak your language. by using this app two persons with different international languages can talk with each others in their native languages. this translator app is a must have app for any traveler around the world. you will have access to the best languages packs and voice recognition in the world within your device that you can carry anywhere you go. this language app is designed for many purposes in mind including: everyday conversation, traffic signs, maps, local news, business languages, academic papers, and so on. with just a few taps on your device you will be able to understand most written and spoken words in the language you are not familiar with. it will greatly assist you in communicating with the locals. language problem faced when people who have no language in common attempt to communicate with each other directly or on social media or chat. “language translator” is an easy language translator app make translating on the go extremely fast that will help you bridge any communication gap. learning a new language isn’t easy. it can take years of practice to become fluent and truly comfortable, but sometimes you need help faster than that. whether it’s for travel or curiosity, being able to quickly translate a few phrases is extremely helpful. features • get translations in over 100+ languages. • listen to translations in male or female voices. • transliteration, sharing, favorites, history, and much more. • offline translation mode. • voice-to-voice conversations. • voice input feature • translate between almost all regional languages of india • share your text via twitter/facebook/messenger/google+/sms/e-mail/whatsapp etc • listen to the translations(talking translator) • translate words and phrases with high accuracy. • takes up little space on your device • possibility to clear entire text with a single click • nice graphics and interface • provides smooth translation note! this application supports monthly limited number of characters to be translated by the all the users, if limit exceed then in that month it will not translate. and it doesn't support all international languages. supported languages list :- afrikaans,aghem,akan,amharic,arabic,assamese,asu,azerbaijani,basaa,belarusian,bemba,bena,bulgarian,bambara,bengali,tibetan,breton,bodo,bosnian,catalan,chiga,cherokee,czech,welsh,danish,taita,german,zarma,duala, jola-fonyi,embu,ewe,greek,english,esperanto,spanish,estonian,basque,ewondo,persian,fulah,finnish,filipino,faroese,french,irish,galician,swiss german,gujarati,gusii,manx,hausa,hawaiian,hebrew,hindi,croatian,hungarian,armenian,indonesian,igbo,sichuan yi,icelandic,italian,japanese,machame,georgian,kabyle,kamba,makonde,kabuverdianu,koyra chiini,kikuyu,kazakh,kalaallisut,kalenjin,khmer,kannada,korean,konkani,shambala,bafia,cornish,langi,ganda,lingala,lithuanian,luba-katanga,luo,luyia,latvian,masai,meru,morisyen,malagasy,makhuwa-meetto,macedonian,malayalam,marathi,malay,maltese,mundang,burmese,nama,norwegian bokmål,north ndebele,nepali,dutch,kwasio,norwegian nynorsk,nuer,nyankole,oromo,oriya,punjabi,polish,pashto,portuguese,romansh,rundi,romanian,rombo,russian,kinyarwanda,rwa,samburu,sangu,sena,koyraboro senni,sango,tachelhit,sinhala,slovak,slovenian,shona,somali,albanian,serbian,swedish,swahili,congo swahili,tamil,telugu,teso,thai,tigrinya,tongan,turkish,tasawaq, central morocco tamazight,ukrainian,urdu,uzbek,vai,vietnamese,vunjo,soga,yangben,yoruba,chinese, zulu.
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