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Dream SQL Client and SQL LINQ Stream Tutorials
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Download Dream SQL Client and SQL LINQ Stream Tutorials

Dream SQL Client is a mobile based SQL database server. Now, by using Dream SQL Client, you can create and manage multiple databases and multiples tables. Dream SQL Client and SQL Query Practice Tutorials is a free SQL Server with local databases including Beginner to Advanced Levels of SQL Queries, LINQ in C# and Stream in JAVA Tutorials. It also contains more-than 5 Levels of Tutorials for Beginner to Expert users. Dream SQL Client is combination of SQL Server, MySQL Server, SQL Queries with example, SQL Tutorial, MySQL Tutorial, SQL Practice, Learn SQL, SQL Database, DBMS, SQL Practice Client, SQLite Editor and SQLite Studio. Now you can practice/run your SQL Queries (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, SUB-QUERIES, JOINS and many more) at single click. The main aim of this application is to provide High Quality of SQL knowledge to students, teachers and other users without any cost. Download now and enjoy it.


=> It is a Database Browser and contains Database Tutorial.
=> Create and manage your own multiple databases with multiples table.
=> Suggestion of column(s) name, table(s) name and data value(s).
=> Import data from SQLite Database file.
=> Import data from SQL Scripts file.
=> Import data from CSV file into Database Table.
=> It also contain 5 levels of Tutorial.
=> It also contain Tutorial of SQL in Database.
=> It also contain Tutorial of LINQ in C#.
=> It also contain Tutorial of Stream in JAVA.

If you have any query in your mind, feel free to contact with us.
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